Upcoming performances


Presents Mozart’s



63 phoenix St Brunswick
SEPT 9th, 10th, 17th, 23rd and 24th all shows 4pm. Doors open 3:30pm

Bookings: http://emotionworks-cut-opera.eventbrite.com.au

Emotionworks premier production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni is slashed to 90 minutes, electrified with the best classic rock songs of all time and performed at the funky, psychedelic Rubix warehouse – a hidden wonderland for Melbourne’s creative subculture. This is opera fusion!
‘The Don’ is the typical ‘bad boy’ legend of the opera world. The modern-day equivalent is the rock legend, the rebel, living by the mantra ‘live fast, die young’!
This interpretation tells the story of the final day in the life of Don Giovanni, a Rock God and famous seducer of women – where his past finally catches up with him and he descends into the depths of hell.


A black comedy about murder, seduction, rebellion, revenge and retribution – there is no redemption – ‘just sex, drugs and rock and roll’!
The Don – hero or villain? Come and make up your own mind. Book your tickets to see and hear Mozart’s beautiful music mixed with your favourite rock classics ranging from Led Zeppelin to Blondie. The show features great opera and contemporary voices and is accompanied by the Cut Opera House Rock Combo.
Award winning opera director Julie Edwardson continues to break new ground with Emotionworks Cut Opera – bringing opera to new audiences, fusing music genres and cultures in cabaret style productions. This is opera as originally intended – with a beer in one hand, a foot tapping and up close and personal. Pure entertainment! No boring bits! Affordable! Fun! Accessible!

Tix $35 concession $30
To engage young people in seeing opera and ‘live’ music, these performances are $10 to under 25’s.
Bookings: http://emotionworks-cut-opera.eventbrite.com.au

Enquiries: julie@emotionworks.com Ph: 0408 687 395 www.emotionworks.com.au facebook @Emotionworks Cut Opera Twitter: @emotionworks Instagram: @emotion_works

 Carmen at the Spotted Mallard (Brunswick)

                        Saturday 14/10/2017 – 8.30pm

Blood, sex, murder and intrigue in this cabaret version that will get your feet dancing.

Award winning director Julie Edwardson has combined Bizets wonderful music with Latin, Salsa, Jazz and Blues to produce an original gutsy, updated version of this much loved classic. Fast moving, irreverent and funny – this is opera in its most essential form – using a mix of musical genres and vocal styles and featuring some fantastic singing and great Salsa dancing. 90 mins in length and No Boring Bits!!

A bargain at $25 per ticket and $20 for under 25’s

Booking link


Carmen spotted mallard 14 Oct 17

Tosca bound in Soul, Blues and R&B

At the Apollo Bay Winter Wild Festival

July 15th (evening)

Follow the link below to find out details:

Winter Wild – Apollo Bay


22 comments on “Upcoming performances

  1. Nathan M says:

    An interesting Venue choice? Im sure this will rock the boat in the Operatic World….Would be very interesting to see this performance

    Can you please tell us, who the cast is?

  2. Nathan M says:

    Any word on who the Cast is?

  3. I think this sounds fascinating and we can’t wait to see the performance. Well done Julie we think it’s fantastic. We love Opera and let’s hope it rocks a few boats. Debate is exciting and change is good!

  4. Mary wise says:

    Where do I book

  5. Posted on my website to spread the word. I agree with Cathy, “sounds fascinating, can’t wait”

  6. Rachel Buckley says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing this. Well done, Julie. You have such innovative ideas. It will be terrific – as always.

  7. emotionworks says:

    Thanks for all your great comments! The cast is now included on this page and there is a number to call for bookings. Seats are selling fast – look forward to seeing you there!!

  8. Nathan M says:

    Thank you, I attended the show on Sunday and it was a great success

    A great venue and the singing was brilliant. Congratulations to the 2 that played Violetta and Alfredo, I think they did a wonderful job. The acting in particular by Alfredo was commendable and he played this role well.

    Look forward to future shows

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great fun but would have appreciated a warning about the tapdancer

  10. Alison Spencer says:

    I attended the Sunday performance of Carmen at the Spanish Club. Fantastic. Just loved it and so did all around me. Congratulations

  11. Alison Spencer says:

    I enjoyed Carmen so much, that I, and two of my friends, attended Hansel and Gretal on Saturday. We had a fabulous time. Congratulations to all involved and a big thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us. Looking forward to attending future events

  12. Anonymous says:

    Any other performance that is camping up?

  13. Nathan M says:

    Hi there – any chance you could tell us who the cast is for Boheme please. Sounds really interesting, but I hear there were 2 casts, so would be nice who was in which so I can come to 2 different casts

    Thank you

  14. emotionworks says:

    Good idea! The names of both casts and performance dates are up. Thanks!

  15. Stav says:

    Hi Julie

    My sister and I attended last night’s performance and absolutely loved the show! 🙂

    We loved the energy and passion from the performers and very much enjoyed singing along with them the classic Beatles’ songs.

    The final scene in particular was so moving – it had both my sister and I in tears!

    All the performers were just amazing – so incredibly talented.

    Congratulations Julie to you and your cast. Thank you so much to all of you for sharing your unique gifts with us – it was just brilliant! We had a wonderful night. 🙂

  16. Janice Nation says:

    Saw this tonight and loved it!!! Would love to see it again, well done everyone.

  17. Jack Stoney says:

    A great nights entertainment. I’m no opera devotee yet I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my 6 year old (who I thought would not last the distance) loved it as well
    Great night

  18. emotionworks says:

    So glad that you had a good time! We loved to perform it for you!

  19. emotionworks says:

    Thanks so much Janice!

  20. Liliana Fanariotis says:

    Hi Julie could you please give me the dates of your next production? I think it was in June or July. Thank you

  21. Andrew Beale says:

    We are looking forward to Emotionworks Carmen in Cororooke near Colac Vic A sweet little theatre in the countryside 5 minutes north west of Colac. Last year Julie brought La Traviata to us with great success. Check out this little intimate venue The Carolyn Theatre at Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery http://www.redrockarts.com.au

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