Emotionworks Cut Opera is a Melbourne company that condenses traditional operas and infuses them with complementary music genres. Performing in unusual and dramatically relevant spaces, taking opera out of the theatre and to the people in a more informal, cabaret style of performance.

This is Opera Fusion and we believe in integration!

2.11A.17-70_resize crop.jpgEmotionworks is the brainchild of opera director Julie Edwardson (2011 Green RoomAward winner, Opera Australia). By combining different musical genres and vocal styles, such as jazz, blues, rock and Latin, Julie has devised an original and unique format, which adapts well known operas to appeal to a contemporary audience and a broad range of musical tastes. Opera Fusion is fast moving, hard-hitting and emotionally intense. The audience are immersed in up-close and personal performances. This is opera like you have never seen before.

‘The AGE can confidently predict
that this audacious production
will attract new audiences to opera’
The AGE Editorial April 2013

Emotionworks has continued to grow as a proudly unfunded company, performing in Melbourne’s iconic band venues and unusual spaces. The company crosses both genres and cultures and continues to integrate itself into Melbourne’s live music scene.

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