Carmen with a sexy mix of Latin, Salsa, Jazz and Blues
Carmen meets Underbelly in this intense Latino cabaret version set in a night club and featuring some great Salsa and Flamenco dancing


Don Giovanni – lets Rock and Roll
The Don is seen as rock legend in this Mozart classic integrated with the greatest rock songs of all time and set in a rock venue.


11.4.18-137_resize Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti
Emotionworks Cut Opera condenses Mozart’s classic comedy opera and fuses it with 1950’s Rock and Roll in this swinging, action-packed, retro inspired production.


Image 6-11-17 at 1.58 pm
Tosca bound in Soul, Blues and R&B

Set in a prison the Soul, R&B and Blues enhance this dark and brutal story and featuring the all-girl Soul Sirens


Beatles Aged Plus

La Beatles Boheme

The four bohemians are referenced as The Beatles with their greatest songs mixed throughout



Figaro Vs Oz Rock

Set in an Aussie Rules football club, Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro is mixed with classic Oz Rock songs


Die Fledermaus starring Cole Porter – together at last Porter and 
This zany mad capped jazzy take on Strauss’s Fledermaus is fused with all of Cole Porter’s greatest songs


La Traviata 20130504 093
La Traviata stripped with Jazz

Set in a strip club, Verdi’s epic tragedy Traviata is fused with classic jazz songs of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and references many of histories greatest female sex icons.


The Ring in a Ring Arena Spectacular

Wagner’s 16 hour Ring Cycle condensed to 90 minutes and set in a boxing ring with all the gods referenced as rock legends and singing their greatest hits.