2019 Summer Season by the Sea

Emotionworks Cut Opera presents its 2019 summer season showcasing five performances of some of our favourite productions.

This is Opera Fusion!


Carmen with a Sexy Mix of Latin, Jazz and Blues

A raunchy modern take on this much-loved opera classic featuring some great Flamenco and Salsa dancing.

Saturday the 5th of January, 8pm, Point Lonsdale Hall.

Bookings for Carmen: www.trybooking.com/ZCZU



Tosca bound in Soul, Blues and R&B

A fast-moving adaptation of Puccini’s Tosca infused with the best classic Blues, Soul and R&B, reflecting this dark and menacing tale about love, lust, brutality and corruption.

Sunday the 6th of January, 5pm, Barwon Heads Hall

Bookings for Tosca: www.trybooking.com/ZCZS


Beatles Aged Plus

La Beatles Boheme

Reimagines the tale of the four bohemians as the Beatles. Puccini’s classic opera is augmented by Beatles classics in this tragic love story.

Saturday the 19th of January, 8pm, Point Lonsdale Hall

Bookings for La Beatles Boheme: www.trybooking.com/ZCZW


Rigoletto Web banner

Rigoletto and the Rockin’ Cowboys

Verdi’s operatic masterpiece is condensed and integrated with the best classic country rock music and set as a western. Come and see the ‘Duke’ in action!

Saturday the 26th January, 8pm, Barwon Heads Hall

Bookings for Rigoletto: www.trybooking.com/ZDAC


Award winning director Julie Edwardson, condenses traditional operas and infuses them with complimentary music genres, to reimagine these classic operas in a unique, modern and relevant context. Emotionworks Cut Opera productions are supported by fabulous classical and contemporary singers and the cut opera house combo. The shows run for around 90 minutes, are fast moving, a little irreverent and appealing to all music tastes. Bar and snacks available at all shows