Don Giovanni – Point Lonsdale Hall – Sunday 7 April 2019 at 4:00pm


Emotionworks Cut Opera Presents

Let’s Rock and Roll

Point Lonsdale Hall – Sunday 7 April 2019 – 4pm
22 Bowen Road. Point Lonsdale. Victoria

Emotionworks’ production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni is slashed to 90 minutes, electrified with the best classic rock songs of all time and performed at the Point Lonsdale Hall – this is opera fusion!!!

‘The Don’ is the typical ‘bad boy’ legend of the opera world. The modern-day equivalent6.18.17-166A biog is the rock legend, the rebel, living by the mantra ‘live fast, die young’!

Played by Michael Lampard this interpretation tells the story of the final day in the life of Don Giovanni, a Rock God and famous seducer of women – where his past finally catches up with him and he descends into the depths of hell. A dark comedy about murder, seduction, rebellion, revenge and retribution – there is no redemption – ‘just sex, drugs and rock and roll’!

The Don – hero or villain? Come and make up your own mind. Book your tickets to see and hear Mozart’s beautiful music mixed with your favourite rock classics ranging from Led Zeppelin to Blondie. The show features great opera and contemporary voices and is accompanied by the Cut Opera House Rock Combo.

Award winning opera director Julie Edwardson continues to break new ground with Emotionworks Cut Opera – bringing opera to new audiences, fusing music genres and cultures in cabaret style productions. This is opera as originally intended – with a beer in one hand, a foot tapping and up close and personal. Pure entertainment! No boring bits! Affordable! Fun! Accessible!

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